Branded wholesale perfumes from European supplier

There are many different offers of wholesale perfumes at Merkandi website. Today, we would like to write a bit more about one of them, which recently has been listed at the website. If You did not notice it earlier, then here You will find some important information about this wholesale lot of fragrances.

The offer has been presented by one of the Slovakian wholesalers of perfumes and cosmetics. Although he did not list all of the available wholesale fragrances, he mentioned few brands, and informed all potential buyers, that there are many more to choose from.

The following brands have been mentioned by the wholesaler: Old Spice, Lacoste, Gucci, Chlo√©. Another one is in the picture uploaded by him, and it’s Versace, as You can see below.

versace wholesale perfumes

Instead of a minimal order amount, so the quantity of wholesale perfumes You need to buy to complete the order, the wholesaler decided to set a minimum to spend. In this case, You will be able to purchase these fragrances, if Your order’s worth will be at least EUR 499.

Another important thing about this offer, is the type and condition of these goods. According to the wholesaler, all of these wholesale perfumes are new and packed in original retail boxes. Moreover, there are no sales restrictions on these fragrances, therefore all buyers have full right to resell them anywhere in the world, without worrying about violating any terms and conditions of the brands, or licensed distributors.

The last important thing is the payment. Apart from accepting credit and debit cards, or a wire transfer, the wholesaler informs that he is a verified Paypal merchant. This probably means, that Paypal payment is one of the options of making a payment for Your order, or the payment will be processed by the Paypal payment gate. This however needs a bit clarification, so please ask about that directly.

To this end, if You will have any questions or concerns about this offer, please contact the wholesaler directly. To view the offer, just click the following link, which will direct You to Merkandi website: wholesale perfumes.