Appliances customer returns’ job lot pallets for sale

Today, we would like to feature one of the offers on untested customer returns. A wholesaler from Germany, is offering a clearance stock of small appliances customer returns, and is selling them per job lot pallets.

Basically, You need to know that all of these items are sold without any warranty, or an option of returning them. That is why, You should contact the wholesaler and ask about the stock inspection. This is the best option of purchasing these job lot pallets.

job lot pallets of appliances

Next thing, are the sales restrictions. None of these untested customer returns can be resold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so all buyers will have to distribute them outside these countries. According to the description, this clearance stock includes brown goods, like coffee makers, toasters and some of the consumer electronics, like dvd players and radio receivers. There is no packing list for this stock, so the exact quantities of each type of device are unknown.

The final thing is, that the minimum to purchase is just a pallet. If You would like to contact this wholesaler, please view his offer at Merkandi first: job lot pallets