Are You searching for wholesale jewelry or watches?

If You are a volume buyer of wholesale jewelry, or wholesale watches, You might find some interesting deals on these goods at Merkandi. To view them all, just go to our website and choose the watches & jewellery category of stock.

Wholesale jewelry

D&G wholesale jewellery

According to the offers, most of the wholesalers are generally offering two basic types of wholesale jewelry. One group is focused on selling cheap wholesale jewellery, i.e. artificial one, while the other one is mostly dealing with necklaces and earrings of luxury and prestigious brands. Obviously, the vast majority of the stocks for sale consists of brand new products. Still, You might find there lower-graded products on rare occasions.

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Wholesale watches

Michael Kors wholesale watches

Most of the wholesalers of watches is selling top-rated models of these goods. Major part of the offers are the deals, where You are able to purchase i.e. Casio, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors or Esprit wristwatches. Of course, there are some offers of cheap wholesale watches too, but this wis a minor part of the offers at Merkandi. The same applies to B-Ware (fully working, but with some imperfections), C-Ware (damaged) and Retour-Ware (untested) watches. Although there are some offers of this sort once in a while, the more popular are the deals on brand new watches.

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We also remind You, that some of the offers on wholesale jewelry or wholesale watches can also be listed within the Liquidation stock category, therefore please do not forget to check it, if You are searching for these goods. Also, we encourage You to use the advanced search option, if You are looking for the offers from a certain country. This will highly improve Your search results at Merkandi.