Winter season starts now!

winter season Merkandi

Although we are in the middle of autumn season currently, the preparation to the winter season has already begun, at least in the wholesale industry. Since the beginning of this month, the wholesalers at Merkandi are listing more offers on winter products, so the choice of these goods is becomes richer every day.

Obviously, the biggest part of offers are wholesale winter clothes and shoes for children and adults. Buyers are able to choose between many different types of winter garments, starting from hats and gloves, to end with winter jackets and coats. Still, these are not the only winter offers at Merkandi. Apart from wholesale winter clothing, the wholesalers are also offering ski and snowboard equipment, car accessories and winter tyres, Christmas decorations, and many other types of winter merchandise.

In order to maintain this trend, and to give our buyers even bigger choice of winter wholesale products, we have decided to advertise the offers of this sort for free! We believe, that better exposition of winter products will help in completing the deals between buyers and sellers at Merkandi.

How to get free advertisement for Your winter stock?

It is very easy. Just send us a link to one of Your offers on winter wholesale products, with an information which of the advertising options would You like to choose. The contact information to our Customer Service Team can be found here.

The available advertising options are:

  • Distinction at Merkandi offers’ list
  • Top Offers at Merkandi
  • Top offer in subcategory
  • Distinction in subcategory

If You have any problems with choosing the best one for You, then just go to Merkandi FAQ, where You will find a preview of all of these above-mentioned options: How can I advertise my offers at Merkandi?

Our special offer is available for You until the end of November 2015. Please remember, that You are able to get one of the above-listed advertising options, for one of Your offers of winter products. In other words, our special offer is limited to one free advertising option per wholesaler.

Starting from now, we are waiting for the links to Your offers of wholesale winter products!