Get your Christmas present from Merkandi!

Merkandi Christmas

We can officially say, that we have a Christmas season peak currently. The retail and wholesale trade increases the sales, the consumers start to worry about choosing the best christmas presents for their beloved, and the wholesalers are starting preparations to the traditional stock counting at the end of the year. Still, before they will close their warehouses, they will offer many different products for sale at Merkandi, which in most cases will be available to order until the late December.

If you still do not have a user’s account at Merkandi, to make some late purchases of the stock available from many different wholesalers, then you should create it today. Why? Because we have a christmas gift for you. For all of our new members, who will join Merkandi until the end of December 2015, we have extra three months of subscription to the platform. Once you complete the payment of the subscription fee, you will get 15 months of subscription to Merkandi, instead of the standard 12 months. Our special gift will save you up to EUR 30, so why not take it now:

Merkandi Christmas

Of course, we also do not forget about our current members. We also have a christmas gift for you!

All of our current members, who will send us their opinion about Merkandi, will also receive extra 3 months of subscription to the platform. Of course, we appreciate letters of testimonials, but if you do not want to send us one, then just write a few words about us, and send them by email to Merkandi Customer Service Team. Once we will receive your opinion about the platform, we will give you extra 3 months of subscription.

Please remember, that this special deal starts today, and will be available for you until the 31st of December 2015.