Black Friday at Merkandi!

Merkandi has just started preparations to this year’s Black Friday. Although Black Friday is the first day of Christmas shopping season in the USA, the celebration of this day is also observed in many other countries of the world. Most of the sellers prepare special deals and bargains for their customers, and because of that, the number of shoppers is really high. Needless to say, this is the most busy day for retail industry in the USA, since 2005, so this should convince You, that it’s worthwhile to have something special for your buyers.

Obviously, Merkandi also joins the celebration of Black Friday 2015, which starts now! Many of the wholesalers from the platform have already prepared special deals and reduced the prices of their products, to meet the expectations of buyers, and do some serious businesses on Black Friday. What’s obvious, the most popular products will be Christmas decorations, toys, winter clothing, video games and consoles, smartphones and tablets, because of the fortcoming Christmas season. Still, you will probably have many other opportunities to purchase the wholesale merchandise for more advantageous price. Just go to Merkandi website, view the categories of goods that You are currently searching for, and contact the wholesalers to complete the deals. The complete list of the available offers can be found here: wholesale offers.

We would also like to help you all in finding the best deals for you, therefore we have decided to give our wholesalers 30 points to spend on advertising options totally for free! This will heavily increase the exposure of their offers within the platform, therefore it will make them easier to find. The only condition of this special deal, is to contact our Customer Service Team between 27th and 28th of November 2015. And that is all! Once you will contact us, you will be given 30 points to spend on advertising options at the website. This special deal is available to all wholesalers from Merkandi, so do not wait and get your free 30 points now!